Wages of socialism

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You sigh, the song begins, you speak and I hear violins
It’s magic.
— Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne

Like the alleged living wage, which if mandated by government magically adds to prosperity, as we hear from our socialist friends and neighbors, who have unswerving belief in the power of government to save the world.

He can who thinks he can. The little engine that could. Socialists, democratic or the other kind — think Soviet, think National as in Germany in the ’30s and ’40s, think autocracies all over the world who run the banner of gummint uber alles.

These living-wage people need a new name. C’mon, reinvent yourselves. The red flag don’t fly hereabouts. We are too bourgeois, for all our flirting with pie in the sky before we die.

Such as Illinois Democrats spending, borrowing, spending some more, and look where we are now, will you?…

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Angela Bowman and friends with cajun music at Hideout Dec. 29

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SF Bay Area’s Andrew Sa leads the evening off at 8, then comes Hey Chere!

Hey, Chere!

Hey, Chere!

It’s the happiest sad music around! Inspired by the plaintive, wild sound of Dennis McGee and other Cajun greats, Hey, Chere! plays early traditional Cajun music, a close cousin to high-lonesome old-time and early country. Angela Bowman, featured on fiddle and voice, has taken this short step from country to Cajun, joined by Sean Colledge (Le Travaillant) on accordion and fiddle and John Huber (The Wandering Boys, the Lantern Kickers) on guitar and t’fer.
Evening closes with Steve Hinds and John Huber on fiddle and guitar. Fun!
The blogger swears he’s not unduly prejudiced about this show.

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Oak Park’s Ginny Seuffert on elite prep schooling AT HOME

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How Your Homeschool Child Can Access Any Workplace in 3 Steps – Seton Magazine

This is the seventh article in the series How to Get an Elite Prep School Education on a Homeschool Budget.

more at http://www.setonmagazine.com/mom/ginny-seuffert/how-your-homeschool-child-can-access-any-workplace-in-3-steps#D9GZY78oblTXQRYX.99

Ginny is a story in herself as mother and grandmother of a carload of lovely children, is a former columnist for the Wed. Journal of Oak Park & River Forest and frequent worshiper at St. Edmund Church.

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Oak Park’s Chris Meister helped to defuse bad press for alderman

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Oak Park’s Chris Meister was in the thick of it in February 2011 when highly placed governor’s men and women worked in emergency mode to protect Ald. Deborah Graham in her re-election campaign. He emailed three of them with her complaint of opponents’ tactics — a “last-minute attack” that “stoops to a new low,” she said — and they got to work.

The opponents had called a news conference to accuse her of steering thousands in neighborhood anti-violence money to supporters, including her pastor. It was “questionable appropriation of anti-violence funding directly benefiting the incumbent alderman,” they said.

Meister was having none of it. “The potential exposure for the governor’s office from the factually incorrect press release alludes to a scenario where the governor and Alderman Graham made these funding decisions [on] their own,” he emailed his fellow strategists. He further noted that four of the opponents had “received …

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Oak Park’s thieves on bicycycles — nailed by OP cops

Oak Park is handy to young thieves:

“Criminals can simply hop on a bicycle, cross the border to commit crimes and then flee back into a dense urban neighborhood,” said Police Chief Rick Tanksley. He described the situation as “among the disadvantages of sharing a border with [Chicago].” 

Wow. It’s a border. Used to be the city line. Border crossings are at the heart of this problem.

But cops are on the job. Crucial job it is.

Oak Park praised, but can’t win ‘em all

Oak Park’s up there among small cities:

Movoto Real Estate blog named Oak Park as the number three best city in the country for education, based on its student-teacher ratio, high school graduation rate, money spent on each student per year and test scores. The graduation rate there is 94 percent, much higher than the national average of 80 percent, and Movoto said that schools in the city spend $8,229 on each student every year. Hoffman Estates was number seven, with 16 students for every teacher. (The number one small city for education on the list was Chapel Hill, NC. Lakeville, Minn. came in at number 10.) Wheaton, Orland Park, Tinley Park and Mount Prospect also made appearances further down the list.
Unfortunately, small Illinois cities can’t always be the best at everything: Even after naming Oak Park as a great small city for education, Movoto also named it as the seventh snobbiest small city in the country, based on rankings such as the percentage of residents with college degrees, private schools, performing arts per capita and art galleries per capita. The light-hearted list explained that the fact that 60 percent of the city has a college degree and their large amount of art galleries, plus some of its fancier restaurants, helped Oak Park earn its place on the list. Palo Alto, Calif. was ranked as the number one snobbiest small city in the country, while Laguna Niguel was number 10.

So it goes.

Michael Brown not “perfect” straw man shot down

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Lawyer for Michael Brown family in Ferguson MO, says family never said he was a “perfect kid.” Oh? Who did? Lawyer sighted straw man, sank same. Dishonestly.

 On the contrary, based on the video of their robbery of the convenience store, he’s a punk, a bully, a thief, and who knows what else?

 And arrogant. He and his companion, caught in a bit of broken-windows policing, told to get out of middle of the street, mouthed off. A don’t-tread-on-me stance is bound to get you in trouble, which in this case it did.

 Not relevant to his getting shot? Why not?

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More guns, less crime, says Detroit police chief

He’s quite explicit:

Statistics show that Detroit, Michigan is seeing a drop with regards to certain types of robberies, and the city’s top cop attributes that new trend to the Motown residents who are taking up arms.

The strength of the Detroit Police Department is only a fraction of what it was a decade ago, and high crime rates remain a very real problem in the Motor City. Nevertheless, Police Chief James Craig now says that would-be lawbreakers are becoming increasingly hesitant to commit crimes, and a well-armed citizenry is what he thinks is responsible.

Makes sense that it would work that way.

How much are robberies down? How much burglaries?

On Thursday this week, the Detroit News reported that robberies in the first half of 2014 are down 37 percent compared to statistics from the same time last year, and homes and businesses have experienced 22 percent fewer break ins.

Very delicate matter here, but might not the opposite be true? Oak Park anti-gun to its tippy toes, bad guys know not to worry? Fewer no-guns-here signs, less crime?

Yay for Gov. Quinn, same-day register and vote

This time at least, on time to work the ballots in November.

And he signs it in OP Village Hall, introduced by President Anan. Isn’t that nice.

No I-D or anything, just show up. Pick your precinct. It’s wild and woolly time in the great state of Madiganistan.




Anan and the Governor Quinn fund-raisers . . .

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My friend Jake is in a lather about two recent Oak Park incidents. One was the commencement-oration declaration (an occurence at OPRF stadium) by a high school board member who announced that we are progressive (Democrats) and “and it feels great to say it.” Depends what you mean by progressive, said Jake.

The other, a few days later, was the e-blasted invitation by the village president to a fundraiser for the progressive governor of our great state, who many of us know is running for re-election in November. The affair is big bucks by most standards, costing from $150 to a cool grand. The latter gets you a place in the serried ranks of co-sponsors.

These sponsors are a distinguished lot: village presidents, president of high school board, assorted mayors of adjacent municipalities, etc. Here, in fact, they are:

[OP] President Anan & [spouse] Margi Abu-Taleb, [private citizen] Paul Gearen…

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