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Yes, yes! in Oak Park

Buy a knuckle sandwich (ham, salami, etc.) at Red Hen, having passed Oui-Oui porta-potty a few doors down

Punchy eating, French convenience. All one could wish.


Black-white gap at Oak Park & River Forest

Customary hand-wringing at Oak Park & River Forest High about blacks’ low achievement, plummeting in recent years at yet higher rates. Hopeful sign, however, as a board member very carefully sounds a different note:

Board member Terry Finnegan countered that, while raising minority scores is and should be a priority for the school, teachers and the administration can only do so much.

I dont want to lay it all on the school, Finnegan said. Every day is a 24-hour period of which the school does not control the entire day. While we have to be leading in the education of our kids, its not the only factor involved.

Meanwhile, never any talk of dismantling the current race-based programs, unconstitutional on their face and failures on the record.