Black parents issues from veteran teacher point of view

Oak Park readers are hard to get something past. Consider this from “Old Teacher,” one of a bunch of commenters on the Wednesday Journal story about black parents complaining:

Having taught at high school and higher education levels in various countries I can tell you that there are a lot of students, and parents, that have unrealistic expectations about how they/their kids should be doing given the relational time and effort spent on work. Some kids grow up in households where “learning” only happens in school, don’t develop good learning/studying habits, and then expect to excel.

Creating eager learners happens at a very young age, and at home,and by the time these students, who have spent most of their lives chilling with friends, watching TV, playing Xbox, get to high school, they/their parents have already sealed their academic fate. It take A LOT of hard work, self motivation and determination to turn around the years of educational neglect that has be ingrained. Parent’s of such students largely do not realize this, and pins their kid’s lack of ability to learn on the teacher, with the belief that it must be the teacher.

Now, I’m not saying that there are no incompetent teachers… there are, but I have witness a trend in the U.S. where some parents and students that believe they are entitled to more than they’re willing to work for. It’s a cultural issue, as some here have alluded to, where everyone here believes that they CAN/SHOULD go to college, and once they get there (be it university or community college), but the reality is, a lot of people can’t function there and should [turn] to other work.

Typos aside, some good comment there.

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