Dems gonna lose one in Oak Park?

Russ Stewart on something new in Oak Park:

In years past, every self-respecting, politically-correct liberal white Oak Park Democrat would automatically vote for a black over a white, especially for a female black, and even more urgently for a minority and/or woman over a white male whose surname ended in a vowel. To do otherwise would cause a paroxysm of guilt.

But times have changed. And such an aberration is exactly what may occur on March 20 in the Democratic primary for the newly-configured 78th District Illinois House seat. Unless Harmon, like Horatio at the bridge, piles up a huge Oak Park margin to rescue Camille Lilly, the obscure black incumbent, white challenger Mike Nardello may win.

Lily doesn’t relate, being “the quintessential non-politician, viewing public office more as an entitlement than a privilege,” says Stewart, who couldn’t get an interview with her — “not atypical,” says Nardello’s campaign manager Oak Parker K.L. Daly.

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