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Kill church, start over

Among 14 comments on a letter to Wed Jnl is this exchange:


Defender of the Faith from Oak Park

Posted: Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 12:52 PM

What is “modernity”? It’s an abstract, ever-changing idea. It’s a trend or a fad. Frankly, in today’s ever-changing world or situational ethics and morals, I like the fact that there’s a true compass like the Catholic Church that provides guidance. I may not always follow it, I may not always WANT to follow it, but it is specific, consistent, and time-tested. It doesn’t change just because it’s convenient or popular. It’s a foundation that is still badly needed in the world today.

Couldn’t have said it better.



Posted: Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 2:33 PM

The animosity towards the Church is deserved. I believe arrogance, rather than humbleness is what pervades the hierarchy of the Church. Don’t blame the people who point out the ‘human-ness’ of the Church. The humans’ actions were so vile and despicable that they overshadow the message. Maybe this is why we need to ‘kill the messenger’ and start a new Church based on the teachings of humbleness, personal responsibility, and I don’t know, maybe equality among genders. [Italics mine]

Which I find inventive, if nothing else.


Who’s in charge church-wise? Anyone?

In a letter to the Wednesday Journal of Oak Park & River Forest, The Mass belongs to the Church, not the priest, I take exception to the publisher’s taking vigorous exception to a bishop’s enforcing liturgical rules.

[Bishop Edward] Braxton [of Belleville IL] had no choice. Once apprised of the situation, he nixed the practice. What was he supposed to do, poll the congregation?  . . . .

[A] priest wants to remake the Mass, the center of Catholic worship? Braxton is supposed to say go ahead, suit yourself? If he has authority in any area, it’s in worship.

Unless you don’t like authority in the first place, or at least not in the church.

Up, up, and away scale-wise

Aggressively repositioning this stretch of Oak Park Ave.

Catholic mass: With you or your spirit?

Heard at George’s in Oak Park: Man boasting of how he and others get together during mass and in loud voice frustrate new Catholic liturgy by saying at the proper points not “And with your spirit,” as currently the rule, but “And with you also,” as it used to be.  So hostile are they to Vatican edicts, so nostalgic for the old ways.