Who’s in charge church-wise? Anyone?

In a letter to the Wednesday Journal of Oak Park & River Forest, The Mass belongs to the Church, not the priest, I take exception to the publisher’s taking vigorous exception to a bishop’s enforcing liturgical rules.

[Bishop Edward] Braxton [of Belleville IL] had no choice. Once apprised of the situation, he nixed the practice. What was he supposed to do, poll the congregation?  . . . .

[A] priest wants to remake the Mass, the center of Catholic worship? Braxton is supposed to say go ahead, suit yourself? If he has authority in any area, it’s in worship.

Unless you don’t like authority in the first place, or at least not in the church.

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  • Dadof8  On March 14, 2012 at 9:28 AM

    I have to agree here that the priest left Braxton no choice here. You simply cannot flagrantly ignore the rules, especially when they’re brought to your attention. This guy’s willingness to step down speaks volumes to me: He knew he was wrong but was unwilling to change. No penitence there; no submission to authority; therefore, not authentically Catholic. No biggie: Lots of other quasi-liturgical churches out there who might welcome him in with open arms. Let us pray…

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