Wuxtry. Retired attorney blows whistle on village candidate, asks him to drop dead.

Zowie! Anan Abu-Taleb’s wife has a liquor license. If Anan A-T wins the election for village board president, he will be ex officio the non-voting liquor commissioner, one of six members of the Liquor Control Review Board, who advise him. A village ordinance, apparently crafted by then-village attorney Ray Heise, outlaws this dual capacity. Heise, now retired, cannot abide this. He wrote a letter to the Wednesday Journal about it, presenting acceptable alternatives:

“The election is less than a month away and that’s a critical issue for the village,” Heise said [in his letter]. The only way he believes it is possible for Abu-Taleb to remain a viable candidate is if he and his wife divest themselves of any interest in [their restaurant] Maya del Sol and its liquor license.

The alternative? “Vacate the position of village president should he be elected,” Heise noted. “It’s pretty simple and pretty understandable. It’s not unreasonable to prohibit. It’s an issue of public trust. I think he needs to address it.” [boldface and italics

Pretty simple indeed.

Or Abu-Taleb could simply vanish off the face of the earth, and his disappearance would serve as a lesson to any local business operator or entrepreneur never to run for village office.

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