Hedges in Oak Leaves 4/1/13: Cautious optimism

Hedges to Oak Leaves, 4/1/13:

1. Getting the message out: “There’s been good dialogue. We’ve been able to communicate our message. There’s a choice out there.”

2. Running a government: “It’s a big job, you have to have experience in dealing with members of a board, you [don’t] get that running a restaurant. Persuasion and collaboration, not authority and directing people are what it takes. It’s not the village president at village hall, telling people what to do.”

3. Fiscal: The village is in a strong position.  “I hear all this about things are bad in Oak Park, with the economy.  I don’t think people buy that. We’ve been walking the neighborhoods, have a sense of how people feel.”

4. Running on a slate: “The only way. Otherwise you have no support right away [once elected?]. Voters don’t vote necessarily for a person. They vote for an idea, a direction.”  He and the trustee candidates know each and their positions and can work together. “We don’t always agree, but that’s healthy.” The other candidates on his slate, unopposed, are running as if they have opponents. He appreciates that. “They’ve been working very hard in this election. It’s been gratifying.”

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