High and low spots in the Anan-Hedges campaign ending tomorrow

From the (Ballad of the) Buzz Cafe, March 14:

Anan  Abu-Taleb: “The experience on the board today, a lot of it is really theoretical, and almost like an academic experiment at times.  . . .

Buzz Cafe owner and forum host Laura Maychruck, holding up seven cards on which audience members had written questions: “There’s a lot of outrage on these cards” — about lack of economic development effort by the village and the problems business owners have in dealing with the village. . . .

Collette Lueck, running unopposed for reelection as a trustee: “I don’t know what the outrage is about. . . .

From the Chamber of Commerce forum March 19:

John Hedges to Anan about his lack of civic involvement:

“You’ve lived here 22 years,” he said, raising his voice. “Where have you been? The rest of us have been working hard. . . .

Anan on permit troubles:

“I live these codes,” he said, telling how in the middle of working to open his current restaurant seven years ago, beleaguered by inspectors’ demands, he had asked why he was putting himself through “such a process.” . . .

The village “is over-regulated,” he said. The board reviews “every little thing,” meeting too often . . . demonstrating . . . a “lack of confidence” in the village’s managers, Abu-Taleb said.


Oak Park is a “hard town to work with.” But it’s “a diverse, vibrant community.”


Oak Park is a “special place,” . . . . But it is “threatened by its fiscal problems.” 

From the Wed. Journal forum March 13:

Anan, re: his tax conviction 23 years ago, subsequent (successful) clemency petition:

“I asked for a second chance,” he said. The experience “made me a better father, a better husband, business owner, citizen.”

Hedges, asked, “Is that an issue with you?”:

Not an issue.”

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