Voting early . . .

. . . not often.

Showed up with my voter i-d card, thinking to make a point — I need i-d for driver’s license, not for voting? Oh? But one of the table people knew me, so I could only say I had it ready.

Woman shook head. Not needed, she said, which I knew. You’d take my word for it, I said, but point was lost as the long-time regular who knew me pulled my page up and pushed it across for my John Hancock.

Hey, it’s nice to be known, and no one in the village or out of it had an easier time of casting a vote.

7:30 or so it was. 20 to 22% expected, I was told. Not much.

Side note: the “next” button on the machine page, bottom right, was reluctant to respond, like the one at the library for taking a book out. Both required firm, finger-bending heavy touch.

Oh yes, my joke: Saying I’d take the machine, not paper, for voting, added, “I’m a machine voter, not a machine candidate.”

Chuckle. Have a nice day.

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