Why Bowman deleted two posts . . .

. . . and should have left one of them there. An explanation to readers:

The first post, “Anti-Anan column raises issue from the dead?” shoulda, coulda been left there. In it Bowman called attn. to Jon Hale’s “One View” column which called attn. to now-president-elect Anan Abu-Taleb’s tax conviction and subsequent clemency reception.

News factor was employment by the opposition of what I likened to a “last-minute flyer on the doorstep.” So it might have stayed online, whence I evicted it, as those who punched the link that led nowhere know too well. Sorry.

The second, “Hale for ‘underdog’ Hedges in e-blast,” began to look like what I’d depicted unfavorably in the first one, too much of the last-minute flyer, not enough of news fit to print, as a well known newspaper used to say of what it offered. Not sorry. (Another great publication changed that, puckishly, to “all the news that fits, we print.”)

Never apologize, never explain is Bowman’s rule usually. In this blog it’s broken. Not sorry.

Another rule broken here, do not refer to yourself in the third person. Not sorry for that either.

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