Gay is great, gay is good

NBA player announces that he’s black (which we knew) and gay (which we didn’t), finds it therapeutic to the extreme. Bulls player Kirk Hinrich is asked about it, delivers a resounding shrug:

“Its really not significant to me. It surprised me but its just a big distraction right now [playoff games, you know]. I was surprised . . . . It doesnt really change what kind of person he is or anything. Its just who he is. He was a good teammate, good guy. Thats about all I have to say about it.

Good. Toleration is it. It’s the least and most you can expect — or require, for gosh sakes — of a man or woman beyond his or her family and friends, where it’s not enough.

A few years back, I covered Courage at a widely unpublicized national meeting at St. Mary of Lake Seminary, Mundelein, writing it up here. It’s where wanna-change same-sex-attracteds gather to support and encourage each other in the hard task they set for themselves.

For those whose back goes up even to hear of such a thing, the message was clear: Accept those who do not wanna change without accepting what they do and claim. Don’t know about you, but I buy that.

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