Spotlight on Anan: Reinstating Colt TIF

New village president Anan Abu-Taleb is ready to go ahead with Colt Building site completion, reinstating use of TIF money. He and outgoing President David Pope wrote school boards arguing that it’s good for all concerned. Does this contradict Anan’s campaign statements about TIF (tax increment financing of development)?

On March 19 at the Chamber of Commerce forum, Anan presented TIF as a procedural issue. The village had failed to file yearly TIF reports as required, effectively closing the TIF books to the high school board, he said. The high school subsequently had sued the village “with our money,” leading the village to defend itself also “with our money.” This TIF filing was an issue, he said. (Not an issue, said opponent Hedges.)

On March 21 at Irving School (SEOPCO forum), Anan again accused the incumbent board of TIF mismanagement, referring (a) to its reluctance to close a TIF down when it was not achieving its goals, returning the money to schools and other taxing bodies, and (b) to its failing to comply with reporting requirements, as he had said two days earlier.

Best I can verify, Anan did not condemn the use of TIF money while campaigning. His May 6 letter (with David Pope) seems not to contradict campaign statements.

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