Upon what meat do these commenters feed?

Much ado about something in the 50-plus comments about meatless Mondays, the prize for which goes to the prolific initiator of this string, John Butch Murtagh, whose weekly meatless days go back so many years for him as a Catholic as to gain him a waiver on same until 2033.

Two things:

1. What the article said about our own Berkeley on the Prairie in the apparent dead seriousness of the unannounced co-conspirators who spoke up for meatless Mondays, three minutes each at public comment time at the village lawmakers’ meeting, and in the lawmakers’ willingness to give it time afterward.

Later came the dutiful reading by the president of a proclamation of a week dedicated to public works! Thank God. The public works people, contractors and the like, needed that, feeling out of sorts as they have been by news of sequester and the rest from Washington.

Which leads to the second thing,

2. How such items nibble away at lawmaking time, becoming a deterrent to public interest in the public interest.

Indeed, the above-mentioned JB Murtagh gave kudos (Greek word for honor and praise, same for singular and plural, NOT plural of kudo, which is a sound signaling nothing) to newly hatched trustee Peter Barber, who demonstrated wisdom beyond his years or days on the board by wondering whether he and the other trustees ought to “leave it up to the board of health and not be overly involved since he didn’t see it as a high priority for the village,” as reported by Wed. Journal’s Anna Lothson.

Let us now praise this new trustee Barber for his willingness to prioritize items for consideration. Ever in my mind at such moments is the unwillingness to do this years ago by an OPRFHS parent in a 20-person round-table discussion of how to allocate money for this or that, who rejected the suggestion (mine) that it was time for triage (battlefield hospital-tent term for treating only the treatable). Not on your life, said this parent, a zealous adherent to one of the allocation possibilities before us.

Not saying this board would be so foolish. But honestly, does it want to be snookered by yet another pressure group eager to hijack its prestige and gravitas and high-profile news coverage? Egad, the meatless commenters had been to the Board of Health and would be returning to it, but were seeking lawmakers’ support! Full-court press, people. Pay attention.

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