Zoning, zoning, who will rid us of all this zoning?

V-board could do that tonight, with vote in favor of, are you ready?

Ordinance amending section 2.1.4 of the zoning ordinance related to the jurisdiction of the zoning board of appeals, section 2.1.5 of the zoning ordinance related to the jurisdiction of the village board, section 2.2.4 of the zoning ordinance related to variations, and section 3.1. Summary use matrix, section 3.9.3 related to use restrictions in the transit related retail overlay district and section 9.143 defining religious reading rooms.

Have you got that?

It is to say, should the V-board be final arbiter in matters of zoning variances in particular cases having to do with the kind of business to be allowed on streets of high pedestrian traffic in rush hour? “Transit-related retail” is the term of art.

We are talking neighborhood of CTA and Metra stops, in whose vicinities lies retail gold. The V-board would have final say in these cases — “use variances,” vs. “bulk” or area variances, which are about construction — not the Zoning Board of Appeals, because . . . because . . . because . . . Hmm. Good question. More politically volatile? Dunno, but the V-board clearly wants final say in this matter.

So if they pass the ordinance, which also tweaks allowability factors, they will do away with the matter, having bought a lot of future discussion as they approve or not requests from various merchants seeking variances. Lending variety to their proceedings, you might say.

But also allowing them, the trustees, to shape the small (or other, who knows?) business climate, such as what got a lot of discussion in the recent election campaigning, as I recall.

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