Anan recuses

Got to the V-board meeting last night at an advanced hour, having been busy the other end of town with my fellow Republicans, plotting as usual to undermine all that’s good and beautiful.

The trustees were hearing from the auditor, a portly fellow who was amazing to listen to. His rapid-fire delivery seemed to make sense. The trustees seemed to get it all. Two or three responded or asked questions. It was a dizzying display of financial-services erudition, my belief in which does not compare with my belief in God, but . . .

The auditor finished. His village-staff minder finished with his offer to be of whatever further service he might be to the board. Another item was handled, then President Abu-Taleb said it was time to go get a drink. He means time to wrap it up, I thought. A skeleton crew of audience remained, it was 9:10. An early evening, I thought.

Not quite, said another trustee. Hmmm. Maybe it’s Anan’s birthday, and they have a surprise for him, I thought. But the other item was not singing Happy Birthday, just some more business. It was completed, another issue was joined, and President Anan got up and left the table and all alone ascended the stairs towards the exit.

What the heck? He walked past me. I sat on the aisle, last row. He passed to the level of the door, behind me. I heard the rustle of someone leaving. I thought, My heavens, he’s leaving. Moments later, he came down the one step to where I sat, passed by me and sat down next to me.

I leaned over. “Have you bailed out?” I asked. He said something I didn’t catch. I had him repeat it: “It’s a liquor issue.”

At which point I heard or paid attention to the business at hand below us. It was liquor-ordinance stuff. Of course. Our village president who has a restaurant and a liquor license, was sitting it out.

In minutes he was back at the table. Village board business continued. I left. And the world kept marching on.

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