Oak Leaves also has Harmon’s fudging

I’m not the only one citing Don Harmon’s fudging of language in his 2% jump in income tax from 3% to 5%. It’s 67%, says Matt Baron in the Oak Leaves.

In a finance-centric discussion replete with bar graphs, pie charts and other data points that would make the hearts of math geeks (like me) flutter, Harmon repeatedly referred to the income tax hike as a 2-percent increase. At the same time, he dismissed those (including our Republican friends) who referred to it as a 67-percent increase.

. . . [E]ither he has a tiny hole in his grasp of math or he is reluctant to acknowledge the difference between percent change and percentage point change.

Starting at 3 percent and then going to 5 percent is a 2-percentage-point increase. But its a 66.7-percent change.

I can’t get over how bold he was, to deliver such a talking point to an Oak Park audience, as if from 3% to 6% wouldn’t double the taxation. Does he spend too much time talking to the party faithful?

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