More on Harmon, Willis at Wood Dale 7-23-13

Harmon: In earlier fix, 1995, Republicans re-amortized pension shortfall, kicking can down the road. (Check this)

Asked why the difference in fiscal health, IMRF vs. other state pensions, Harmon: State mandated paying the full amount for IMRF. So hands-off policy? At its heart, difference seems crucial, was case of fiscal discipline at work?

Asked about Medicaid expansion, Harmon: At first all is paid by fed govt. Later only 90%. H. hopes, expects this to work out.

Asked if undocumented will use ER as before? Yes. (Straightforward, not elaborated. Interesting.)

Recurring motif: Media coverage at fault, giving state its “reputational problem.” It’s “theater” vs. economic reality. Matters “misreported” or unreported, as the aforementioned 2010 reform. (Or not reported as to reflect its importance.) He complains about newspapers, has axe to grind, legitimate beef, what?

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