Cynical about Anan’s speaking about exec session

Comment #41 of 42 comments. Have a look.

Cynical from Oak Park 2_17_19_2_1_40x40-333333.png

Posted: August 21st, 2013 5:13 AM

I was at the meeting and here is what I found odd: there were quite a few members of the attendance when there was nothing on the agenda related to the SEIU. The President of the Union began recording the President’s comments immediately upon him speaking….how did he know to do that? Was this a set-up? Remember folks, the SEIU endorsed and gave money to the President’s campaign. I’m worried the President gave the impression the village will settle at all costs.

IMO, this can be noted even as the other 41 comments are overwhelmingly in favor of Anan’s willing to talk about negotiations and make very good points.

Moreover, as one who remains deeply suspicious of SEIU’s agenda, I hardly feel an Oak Park settlement is the arena in which to weaken it.

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