Schakowsky at the Temple

An ObamaCare discussion to pick up where the recent OP library discussion left off.

Blithe Spirit

The Chicago Temple, that is, on Clark across Washington from the Daley Center, where Congr. Jan Schakowsky (D-North Side and North Shore) came to talk up ObamaCare to businesswomen Aug. 21 but couldn’t stay away from another apparent favorite topic, obstructionist Republicans.

They have mounted a “last-gasp push back,” she said, promoting “myths” and “lies” about ObamaCare’s raising costs and being “bad for businesses.”

In fact, she said, ObamaCare will lead to creation of 1.5 million more “small businesses,” as found by the Robert Wood Johnson foundation. Not quite. — it’s 1.5 million more self-employed individuals, not businesses.

Republicans are discouraging sign-ups for Obamacare, “especially young people,” she said, calling it “political malpractice” and ticking off reasons the young should sign up, including that they “won’t have to worry when riding a bike” or “on an adventure, jumping off things.”

A “well-funded, concerted effort” is underway “to undermine” ObamaCare, she…

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