Ascension’s Fr McNally spares five minutes for Catholic New World . . .

. . . and comes up looking very good. For instance, on being a priest:

I love being a priest. Theres nothing Id rather do. Ive never doubted it one day of my life. I thank God every day for calling me to be his priest. I feel for my buddies who are torn with what they should do.

He looks like he loves it, and that can be a tonic for a parishioner.

He and the interviewer, Dolores Madlener, handled his female-priest history very nicely:

I think I have a good relationship with Cardinal George. Hes called me in a few times. We talked about women priests, and I had to apologize in the bulletin for promoting that, but we had a good discussion. Hes very gracious and always has a beverage there for me. We may not agree on a lot, but we can talk about it. When my mom died, the cardinal invited me to his residence to talk about it. That was so kind of him.

Talk like that makes both of them look good.

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