Yet more about Dist. 97 air-conditioning

School board president Robert Spatz sounded a cautionary note in the exchange with complaining parents, again in an email to a list on which I have been included. After detailing some of the costs and complexities of a district-wide air-conditioning install, he added this about a “disconnect” between parents have been relating about their children’s extreme discomfort and worse and what the district is hearing:

Last, but certainly not least, as [Supt.] Dr. [Albert] Roberts mentioned in his message, there is clearly a disconnect between the information we are receiving from our buildings about heat-related illnesses and what you have been sharing with us this week.

We do plan to investigate this so we can get to the bottom of the discrepancy. However, what will be helpful for us is if you can please let your childs school know if he/she comes home with what you believe to be a heat-related illness so we can track this important issue more effectively and accurately.

More later, I am sure, on this hot issue.

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