Alderman Graham’s habit of not knowing things: March 18, 2010 Chi Trib story

Former Oak Park state rep Deborah Graham ignorant of the law when she sold city-subsidized house at a fat profit:

Graham said she was unaware of that requirement until she was asked about it Wednesday morning. Later in the day, she agreed to reimburse the city for a portion of the subsidy, as required under the program when someone moves out too soon.

“Had she known at the time (of the sale), she would have paid it back then,” said Molly Sullivan, spokeswoman for the Community Development Department, which took over the program last year under a reorganization of city bureaucracy.

“She’s in the process of paying the city back,” Sullivan said. “We expect it within the week.”

She acted after Chi Trib caught her, as in the matter of the big-buck grant to the pusher,.

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