On boarding up a good-looking useful building in central Oak Park

Sunday at St. Edmund, 8 a.m. mass:

8:19, sermon starts. It’s Pharisee vs. Publican Week. Pharisee presented sympathetically but as missing the forgiveness message.

8:24, money pitch for big drive, not usual Sunday offering but 3-year commitment, for which $600 G is already pledged, of $1.5 mill needed.

8:27, screen pulled to front from left side. (Uh-oh, home movie?)

It’s about the rectory. Pastor on screen tells of bad odor from creeping mold. Exposed wires and pipes are shown as he talks. (Not a home movie!)

Pastor: Fix rectory, you free up parish-hall space (now housing parish offices), PADS can come back.

More smart people on screen, talking heads neatly edited. (Definitely not home m.)

Pastor on screen: 3-year commitment wanted from “church family.”

Lay leader: We can be “good stewards,” so that building is not “boarded up.” Others equally concise, clear.

Pastor: St. E. oldest RC parish in Oak Park. At over 100 years.

8:36, Video is over. Screen is rolled back. (Flag on motorized chair moves to make way, as seen from other side of church over heads of pew-sitters.)

8:37, mass resumes.

8:41, offertory begins. Piano plays, song is sung. (And out, out, damned masculine pronoun as usual . . . ) . . .

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