Trifecta Sunday coming up

That be Jan. 19, with its menu featuring Rev. (uh-huh) Jesse Jackson Sr. on poverty, Gov. Quinn on justice for all, and a March for Life in the Loop — all of it competing, alas, with Patriots v. Broncos at 2 p.m. but not, thank heaven, 49ers v. Seahawks at 5:30.

I myself, choosing the march — would’nt it be nice to have Rev. J. and Gov. Q marching along with us? heh — have been advised to record the 2 pm game. What? so I can watch it play for play, knowing who won? No thanks. A missed game, with all its glorious free-market uncertainties (winner take all, for instance, survival of the fittest) is gone, not to be retrieved.

Same goes for Rev. J. and Gov. Q., of course. I had both penciled in, by the way, before deciding as I did. Rev. J. is at the Sankofa Cultural Arts and Business Center, 5820 Division. Him I would have gone to see if only because he’s so famous, but also in hopes that he might discuss his business plan, which over the decades has clearly worked out so well for him. Look, the guy grew up in quite modest circumstances, and now look at him. What’s his secret? I’d like to know.

And the Guv, here in Oak Park, where he has had such wonderful experiences over these many decades? What’s not to like? From him I certainly would want to hear about justice but also about how to make it to the top of the Illinois Democrats, with their glorious history of wise and frugal governance. He had what it took. I’d like to hear what that is.

As for the march, it starts at 1 pm at the Federal Plaza, 50 W Adams, I read in a very helpful release by fellow Midland Authors member Tom Cieselka for Christian Life News.It’s the 9th annual such and isn’t much of a march if you’re worried about your sore feet or cold weather (pish!), making it no farther than the Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph. So take the Blue Line down and the Green Line back, unless you parked at the Blue, in which case you have a bit of extra walking at the end.

Rallies are book ends for the walk-march. Cardinal George and six others speak at the Federal Plaza, Congressman Dan Lipinski (D-IL) and Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL) and four others at the Thompson Center. The others include WLS-AM talker Dan Proft at the Fed Plaza and two congressmen, Lipinski (D) and Roskam (R), Chi Bears owner Patrick McCaskey, and whistle-blower pediatric nurse Jill Stanek at Thompson.

At both places and on the walk-march, of course, will be lots of wholesome, likable people, which is always a draw. See you there, I hope, and Go Broncos in our absence. Why Broncos I’m not sure. It’s a feeling.

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