County-City GOP meeting 2/5

Upbeat meeting at Parthenon Rest., sequentially of county and city GOP organizations. Top-drawer video was presented by 43rd Ward Committeeman/city GOP spokesman/media contact Chris Cleveland.

Deputy Chairman Sean Morrison chaired county meeting in Aaron Del Mar’s (barely explained) absence.

County Board of Elections rep answered qq:

* Riverside man brought up state’s attorneys on hand who don’t know election law! Elections man took note but said SA office decides that one.

* Elections man: laptops are coming with voters’ lists, to be checked on spot with data base.

* E-man: Early-voting places need experienced judges who must be equipment mgrs. Voter i-d is required.

Also: voters who reach 18 on time for the general are eligible for the primary even if not yet 18, so we want to register them. Any who have contacts with local high school can help here.

E-man had much to say about “the portal,” which was to be open over the weekend, this as regards judges, of which bd of elections (GOP?) is 2800 short.

GOP flyer was given, “Hiring 2800 election judges in Chicago and suburban Cook,” for Mar 18 and Nov 4, etc. Goal is to fill all positions by Wed Feb. 12.

Judges are required to have voted in the previous primary, so primary judges must vote in this primary, to be eligible as a judge for the general.

Felix Gonzalez, Fenwick ’92, is a candidate in Rogers Park area, including 49th Ward, whose committeeman Suzanne Devane spoke at length about overall city scene.

G. and other newbies have been and will further be schooled by Ill. Policy Institute people on issues and speaking. Also have been and will be given practice in stump speaking, being grilled about positions, etc. Slating in such cases is a matter of registering dissatisfaction with incumbents.

48th Ward Committeeman and city GOP chairman Adam Robinson came off excellently in his talk. Also very important is the aforementioned Chris Cleveland, whose video featured numerous news-tv and radio clips about the phony Republican candidate vs. Mike Madigan, who eventually resigned. This news story campaign scored a victory here.

Suzanne D. presented “Chicago Victory Project: Think Inside the Box” as theme of city ads, flyers, etc. It’s a process of “making incumbents more responsible to voters.” She commended Blair Garber, Evanston committeeman, for contributing to this, with money and help.

34th Ward committeeman Percy Coleman was quite vocal about wanting candidates to come to his area. Many voters are conservative but have to see the candidates, he said. Same point was made for the West Side, where Coleman cited 28th Ward committeeman Shawn Walker.

Asked about 2015 aldermanic candidates, Suzanne D. and Adam Robinson both said yes. “Mayor too?” came from the floor, Adam said yes, but focus now is on 2014. Adam furthermore is looking for people for a vetting committee. Of 146 candidates who came forth in the city, 23 were vetted and approved. Some whose petitions were denied plan to get new signatures and try again. Praise for their bravery from Suzanne.

Bryan Reed, the Rauner field director, spoke, asking help, said Rauner is grateful for endorsement (67% of vote, in which Brady got 0%, by the way). Rauner not there, was campaigning, as were many who did not appear. Del Mar too probably, but that wasn’t clear.

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