27-year-old man on a mission: “entire life” in politics

Was most impressed the other night, Feb. 25 — at the county board candidates forum — oddly enough by Ike Carothers, who got caught, took a plea, and at the forum defended himself plausibly (news accounts not reliable, “I paid the price”) and less relevantly (“I have been contrite . . .  I believe in a God that believes in forgiveness”).  If elected, he will demonstrate Democratic Party honesty about itself.

Was least impressed by Blake Sercye — Fenwick Fresh Face, Rahmfather’s pick, a glib fellow whose unbridled confidence oozes from every pore.

Only 27 years old? No problem: He withstood Rahm to his face, he implied. About what? Where? When? Publicly? Was it reported? Who else knows about it? He’s “young, not new,” has been involved in — what? politics? the community? — his “entire life.” He brings “new energy to the table.”

He’s master of the talking point. Solution for county jail problems? Reduce its population! (Let’s do that thing!) Don’t raise tax rates. Do promote a progressive income tax, sparing “the middle class.” County hospital? “Make it competitive.”

As a photogenic young black guy with Ivy League schooling, U of Chi law degree, now at a major local law firm, at a loss for no words — “clean, articulate,” to quote a current American statesman speaking of another rising star — whom does Sercye remind you of?

Add the unanimous endorsement and promised future help from Oak Park Dems, as they provided early in the career of the current U.S. president a few years back, and you have the progressive people’s choice, smart as a tack at repartee and with a work resume as long as your little finger.

More to come in reflections on this event, reported in adjunct fashion by Bob Skolnik and Michael Romain of Wed. Journal (“In big week, Sercye wins backing from Oak Park Democrats, Preckwinkle, Emanuel . . .”) but nowhere else that I can find . . .

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