Don Harmon’s fairness runneth over. End cometh for unfair tax?

Senator Don and others had a problem last June, how to pay for things. Voters were waiting, hands outstretched. But the wherewithal was running short, he judged. So he decided to return to the well. Amend the constitution, ditch the one-size-fits-all flat tax, and raise more moolah!

He filed the senate bill on the last day of the session, early enough to “build momentum” in the months ahead, he told The Daily Herald, even get people used to the idea of paying more to live in Illinois. It would be by way of a brand-new progressive income tax. A fair tax, he called it on the hustings last summer, and the bill’s synopsis has it.

Gone will be the “non-graduated rate . . . [so] that this may be a fair tax,” It says. Which is b.s., as if this amendment is a new bill of taxpayer rights, when it’s for moolah. The vote’s a-coming. We are to find out who has the fairest tax in our land, hoping the answer will be our great state of Illinois!

Meanwhile, some have more to give and must do so. Get into the deep pockets, therefore. Save the state, save the programs.

How deep the pockets for this pursuit of extra moolah? Deep starting at $18,001 a year, covering all those people who would otherwise be cruising along unfairly, even outrageously. Let them cough up.

Especially those at the top, making over $500,000 a year. Don’s fellow (or sister) Dem in the House wants 9% of their overage — her bill is “nearly identical” to Don’s — up from the flat 3.75% which is to succeed the current (temporary) 5%.

She wants 8% of what’s over $195,000, 7% of over $95,000, 6% of over $58,000, 5% of over $36,000, and finally 4% of the aforementioned $18,000.

Make more than a princely $18,000, you get a tax increase. It would be “one of the largest transfers of wealth in the history of Illinois,” says the Illinois Policy Institute, and “not from the wealthy to the poor – but from the general public” to unionized government workers.

Senator Don wants this. Give it to him. He’s a man of the people. Deep-pocket citizens, unite! Give Senator Don your vote, give him your money. It’s fair!

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