Judge Brim shown the door. Harmon, Lilly, Ford get it done. NOT.

Ill. Courts Commission finally had a Brim-full and gave Judge Cynthia Brim the boot long after she set records for incompetence and erratic, in one case criminal, behavior. Read all about it in today’s Chi Trib.  Story per Chi Trib

Congrats to the commission, doing its duty per the state constitution:

The Illinois Courts Commission, composed of one Supreme Court Justice, two Appellate Court Judges, two Circuit Judges and two citizens, has the authority . . . (1) to remove from office, . . . any member of the judiciary for willful misconduct in office, persistent failure to perform his or her duties or other conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice or that brings the judicial office into disrepute; or (2) to . . . retire any member of the judiciary who is physically or mentally unable to perform his or her duties

AND congrats to Oak Park’s stalwarts, elected senator and representatives Harmon, Lilly, and Ford for their valliant behind-scenes efforts to send Brim to the showers, no matter how much the Dem Party supported her and 56 other retention-ballot candidates, appearing “way down at the end of the ballot,” who had got thumbs-down assessments by the various bar associations.

Don’t ask how this blogger knows Harmon, Lilly, and Ford fought tooth and nail for withholding or at least softening the Toni Preckwinkle-led full-throated endorsements of these incompetents, robo-calls and all. He just knows. They are Oak Park’s finest, after all, upholding the village’s reputation for all that is noble and forthright and good-government-ish. Yay.

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