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Anan and the Governor Quinn fund-raisers . . .

Blithe Spirit

My friend Jake is in a lather about two recent Oak Park incidents. One was the commencement-oration declaration (an occurence at OPRF stadium) by a high school board member who announced that we are progressive (Democrats) and “and it feels great to say it.” Depends what you mean by progressive, said Jake.

The other, a few days later, was the e-blasted invitation by the village president to a fundraiser for the progressive governor of our great state, who many of us know is running for re-election in November. The affair is big bucks by most standards, costing from $150 to a cool grand. The latter gets you a place in the serried ranks of co-sponsors.

These sponsors are a distinguished lot: village presidents, president of high school board, assorted mayors of adjacent municipalities, etc. Here, in fact, they are:

[OP] President Anan & [spouse] Margi Abu-Taleb, [private citizen] Paul Gearen…

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Some questions on reading Dr. Gevinson’s commencement-address diagnosis . . .

. . .  of what ails or used to ail Oak Park::

1. If Oak Park in 1978 was the most conservative place he had lived in, where else had he lived?

2. If segregation and parochialism were bad then, why is it good for black students to have special programs now that encourage segregation and parochialism?

3. If a few incredibly, obscenely, super-wealthy Americans are trying  to distort, pervert, corrupt, and purchase the political system, what is the maximum one may be allowed before he can be identified as one who may try to distort, pervert, corrupt, and purchase the political system?

4. If a student listening to all voices decides he likes Fox News more than the New York Times, then what?

5. If a student decides to become a Republican, join the Tea Party movement, and enlist in the U.S. Army Special Forces so he can kill enemies of our country, can he or she ever be considered for a Tradition of Excellence award?

6. What’s the matter with being a Christian?

Sunday in the park with Paul Schimpf . . . . . . candidate for attorney general of our great state . . .

Blithe Spirit

. . . at Day in the Village #41, June 1, Scoville Park, where tables and booths lined the walkways and small groups dotted the meadow while bands played loud and clear and people strolled.

To the OP GOP table came Paul Schimpf from downstate Waterloo, near St. Louis, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and lawyer, answering an invitation to come and meet and greet and do a lot of handshaking on a bright, sunny, hot afternoon.

Retired a year ago from the Marine Corps after 21 years following Annapolis graduation in ’93, he returned to be a father-in-residence to his and his wife Lori’s two boys in Waterloo. As a Marine lawyer, among other things, he had helped in the prosecution of Saddam Hussein.

As a candidate, he opposes the well-connected and personally attractive if not similarly qualified Lisa Madigan. To voters on this Sunday at the…

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My granddaughter the nun . . .

Blithe Spirit

. . . in the Sound of Music chorus, 8th grade, for which, her mother reports,

voices were excellent, staging & direction well done, very well suited for the middle school cast. . . . . Here she is with the coreopsis we picked up for her at the farm stand.

At her grandmother’s urging, btw, per tradition .

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