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Anan vs. Hedges, Irving School, 3-21-13

Right from the start on March 21 at Irving School, the four unopposed VMA village board candidates teed off on the sole non-VMA candidate, Abu-Taleb Abu-Taleb, candidate for board president against the VMA’s John Hedges, as they had a week earlier in a forum at the Buzz Cafe. Teresa Powell, the village clerk running unopposed […]

Spotlight on Anan: Reinstating Colt TIF

New village president Anan Abu-Taleb is ready to go ahead with Colt Building site completion, reinstating use of TIF money. He and outgoing President David Pope wrote school boards arguing that it’s good for all concerned. Does this contradict Anan’s campaign statements about TIF (tax increment financing of development)? On March 19¬†at the Chamber of […]